Protect Your Asset Portfolio
3D Scanning and Asset Insights get you back to business sooner when disaster strikes
Reduce Underinsurance Risks
Regular 3D Scans capture the current state of your asset and take the guesswork out of choosing the right level of insurance
Reduce Downtime and Loss of Profit
3D Scan data provides accurate, construction quality models of your assets allowing repairs to be made immediately after damage occurs
Predict Facilities Risks Ahead of Time
Asset Intelligence uses regular 3D scan data to identify structural changes over time, providing evidence based facilities maintenance opportunities
Portfolio Wide Optimisation and Insights
ScanVault opens the door to portfolio wide analysis of assets and associated risks, letting Insurance Providers and Asset Owners customise insurance coverage
Boost the efficiency of Quantity Assessments with construction quality data on demand
Your ScanVault Advantage
Secure Access to Point Cloud Data
ScanVault protects your 3D scan data in a secure, auditable vault. Regular scans ensure that your point cloud data is a true representation of your as-built asset, making extensions, insurance re-assessments, or rebuilds after an unexpected event significantly easier
Asset Intelligence Predicts Risks
Regular 3D scans allow you to leverage ScanVault's Asset Intelligence technologies to predict potential asset failures, resulting in operating efficiencies, evidence based maintenance opportunities and potential insurance savings
Cross-Portfolio Insights
ScanVault provides insights across all assets in a portfolio, both for asset owners and insurers. Third party data extensions provide world first insights and global opportunities to customise insurance products to best fit specific asset clusters
How ScanVault works
Book a scan for your asset
Our 3D Scanning Team has extensive coverage across Australia, and access to trusted partnerships in other regions
Secure data in ScanVault
Our team will load your scan data into ScanVault. Your data is instantly available for your use, analysis and sharing
Reduce insurance costs
Our partnerships with leading Insurance providers unlock opportunities for customised, lower-cost insurance packages tailored to suit your particular needs
ScanVault Demo
Peter Marer
Our Insurance Manager
I have worked in the Insurance Industry for a long time, and seen many changes - but none quite like ScanVault. This is a game changer: regular Point Cloud 3D Scan data capture, coupled with predictive analytics will deliver exceptional value to asset owners and insurers alike
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